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Life….It Happens….Sometimes Unexpected….

Can’t ever go wrong with Charlie Brown

Go figure that sometimes you need to time to recharge those mental batteries…

I planned on coming back strong today with a great post on ‘real life research’ and just how important literal immersion in the things that I want to write have given me so much of a jumpstart. I had been on a bit of a vacation and even coming back from it, I was mentally outlining it in my head, figuring out how I wanted to approach it.

But Sunday night came and I realized just how in over my head I was at attempting to write that monster of a piece before bed. I had zero interest in reliving yet another sleepless day at work because I was up until after midnight trying to get my writing back together.

So it’ll come on Wednesday when I’m back fully charged. See you guys then!



Just a frantic working regular Joe attempting to make his publication dreams come true. One day at a time. Lover of the quirky, disdain for the overtly negative.

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