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Sometimes Mother Nature Happens…

Of course I’m dramatizing it a bit here. It won’t be this bad…hopefully.

It’s better to be safe than sorry…

I was hoping to not have to write another one of these for quite a while. My infamous ‘Sometimes Life Happens‘ posts typically happen because I find myself completely unable to create a blog post in a timely fashion like I want for a variety of reasons (usually work related).

Today is a bit different. If you live in America than you’ve heard about the large hurricane on trajectory to hit the east coast. It’s enough of a concern to force me to have to relocate to a more safe location for now to wait out the storm.

I should be back on Friday, hopefully still dry.



Just a frantic working regular Joe attempting to make his publication dreams come true. One day at a time. Lover of the quirky, disdain for the overtly negative.

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