Word Vomit #19

A moment of reflection on this sunny Friday afternoon!

My continuing series on Fridays where I share excerpts of writing that I’ve done in the past through writing prompts, random stream of consciousness, parts of larger works, or as part of my 100-200 daily word exercises. 

The point being to attempt to examine what I’ve done for clarity sake and whether or not I can make sense of it…not only to those who read it but to myself as well. Or I highlight something else that I’m interested in that week and want to speak at length about. Vomiting out words if you will.

What do you dream about?

Why is it important to you? What made you passionate about that particular thing in the first place? If given the opportunity, would you drop everything and go pursue it?

That’s where my head is at currently; and if I take some time to think about it, it’s been there for quite a while now.

Now let’s be realistic. Being a dreamer doesn’t pay your bills. It doesn’t take care of your family and it definitely doesn’t ensure that when you open up your refrigerator food will be in there. I can never take any of that for granted. Especially considering that there are people who have it worse than I do. Perspective in these things are important.

But the foundation on which this blog balances is to provide a public and accountable record of me taking care of my reality while still trying to figure out my dream. With anything, you’ll have your high and low moments; and right now I think I’m experiencing a bit of a low moment with my day job and the every day frustrations that come with it. The regular grind can do just that…grind your personal character down into something malleable that can be better utilized. But only if you let it.

Days like this make you wish you could snap your fingers and instead be where you want to be. But life doesn’t work like that unfortunately. Even more importantly, I don’t think we’d appreciate it if was that easy in the long run. I don’t think you really figure out how badly you want to break out of your normalcy and take a risk on something that means the world to you until you have to take that first unsteady step into the unknown. It’s hard work and terrifying at the same time.

Between NaNoWriMo, submitting to my first writing competition, starting up this blog, and making steps toward enrolling in this upcoming copy editing training, I’m developing confidence in my craft and will have a better appreciation for the process by the time I make my splash into becoming a published author. One step at a time.

*As always, the credit goes to Amanda Mason for the featured ‘Word Vomit’ image. Copyright 2014 at http://www.creativetake.net/ *

Author: Mr. Nifty

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