Appeasing the Prose Gods


So it seems as if even the brick and mortar book stores are conspiring against allowing me to gain a copy of God’s Debris within a reasonable amount of time. Well, it wouldn’t be life without having to be adaptable to different situations, so I’ve decided to shift around my reading schedule for the month.

As you can see in the featured image in this post, the new book that I decided to read while I order God’s Debris looks quite similar to something I read just last month. This book is in fact the sequel, with the stipulation being the following:

  • A book written by a male author (Show Your Work! 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered by Austin Kleon)

Steal Like An Artist will be a hard book to beat this year because of the matter-of-fact, yet powerful lessons it provided on not being afraid to utilize the inspiration you gain from your favorite creatives to fuel your own expression. Upon reading the first page, I was hooked and couldn’t stop until it was done. I felt like the words on the page were literally getting absorbed straight into my mind and resting in my subconscious. If the first book was any indication, I’m hoping to be just as enthralled with the second one and will read God’s Debris later in the month.

The goal is to crank out Show Your Work! before the end of the week and hopefully get my hands on a much-needed copy of God’s Debris by the end of next week if at all possible. If nothing else, situations like this make me go back and consider getting a tablet so that I never have to run into this type of thing in the first place. But I really want a physical copy of that book to read, so I’ll put that out of my head for now and hope that the Book Gods will bless me with the chance to procure one before too long.

Happy reading everybody! Another start to the week!

Until next time.

Author: Mr. Nifty

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