Month Four UPDATE for 2017 Reading Challenge


You never realize how much time has passed until you really get a chance to look back on things in retrospect. At the top of this month, I revealed books seven and eight on my list to complete by April 30th; and here we are on the twenty-seventh as I write this and I’m still sixty pages short in Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods!

The overall goal is to read a book every two weeks. Which is harder than it seems for all but the amazing reader with a great amount of free time (and this month that dwindled monstrously). But no excuses on this end. A Walk in the Woods ebbs and flows but I overall find it enjoyable. There are some parts that CRAAAAWWWWLLLL in pacing but making your way through them leads back to a very interesting first person experience on a writer, turned hiking enthusiast, and his journey through the incredibly imposing Appalachian Trail. I’ll speak more on my thoughts once finishing it and The Cleansweep Conspiracy and writing up my review.

Do I feel a bit bummed that I fell behind? Absolutely. But as I had to do with February, my book choices for number nine and ten will be something very engaging to get me back on track. Down but never out!

Until next time.

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