[Attacking the Novel] Outlining My Novel for May


We’ve reached month two of this initiative where I’ve started to finally put my metaphorical money where my mouth is. It was a great exercise in seeing just how all over the place I was with my ideas before finally sitting down and listing out my ideas.

Seeing everything listed out and everything I needed to continue scanning or copying into one repository in order to have redundancy to avoid losing any great ideas was necessary to provide a reality check to how disorganized I was. At this point, even as I continue to add things to my folders in Evernote, I’m moving forward in May towards what I consider my next step in ‘Attacking the Novel.’ That is outlining.

Shout out to the Scrawls and Spirits blog for speaking on stories very much in progress that we all want to finish because that too is a motivation in this. Taking the very general ideas in my head, I will begin drafting them out this month in order to have something solid to begin writing in June/July. But what is it that I’m writing? The title of my novel is called Clover (titled that for reasons that will make sense later) and it involves the story of a teenager working for his father’s scrap business and accidentally becoming involved in a much more dangerous scheme just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It has been a long time coming and will hopefully serve as the prequel to a much longer science fiction epic that I’ve wanted to tell since college. I hope to combine the large-scale grandiose of Star Wars with the emotional interpersonal storytelling of some of my favorite properties like Eureka Seven, The Republic Commando Series, and The Twilight Zone but with much more diversity. That’s a weird mix of genres I know but I’m hoping to make it work and I’m excited to get started!

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