Revisiting An Old Friend at the Movies


Dark corridors and a creepy suspicion of dangers around the next corner. Tightly focused camera shots of the last survivors of a gruesome attack, at their wit’s end, knowing that one wrong decision will find them meeting the same fate. These are the concepts I’ve long associated with the long running Alien franchise and is what I was revisited with last night while watching the movie.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, if you’ve been following this blog, of how much I love science fiction media. When I wasn’t playing sports or volunteering in community activities, my days were spent reading and writing about high level concepts that were almost as mind-boggling as the comic books that continued to fuel my passion for the unknown later on (I’m looking at you Silver Surfer!).

I don’t know what it is about the franchise. Between the comic books and the movies, I’ve always loved the concept of space being just as foreboding and deadly as it is a place for humanity’s next ascension. It makes sense because when you think about it…we only observe a very small part of the universe. What else is out there? Is it friendly, dangerous to our civilization, or just wholly uninterested in our very existence? Those type of questions will keep you up at night for hours.

Those questions will continue, as Alien Covenant hits familiar but enjoyable plot points with tropes that we’ve come to expect from the franchise. Unknown planet, a large but expendable cast of characters, and ominous set pieces designed to make the viewer question just when the metaphorical hammer will drop, letting loose the absolute hell that is a Xenomorph; and none of it disappoints because familiar is a good thing to me in this case. Being a sequel to a prequel (try saying that ten times fast), there are certain beats in the story that you feel have to be explained in order to have the viewer remember what happened almost five years ago in Prometheus but it’s worth it.

The movie won’t blow your mind. Instead, it’ll serve as a solid revisit to a darker future in humanity attempting to find solace from incoming extinction. Due to being a part of the prequel series, we know how the story will eventually unfold into Alien when Ripley finally arrives on the scene. So for now, I’m going to continue enjoying these movies for what they are and hope that the upcoming reboot to Predator is just as good.

Space is just as cold and unforgiving as it is amazing to behold.

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