Memorial Day Reading Challenge Update


A short update on this Memorial Day holiday for my 2017 Reading Challenge!

While others are putting plans of grilling, beach time fun, and family get-togethers into motion, I’m providing an update to my reading challenge that I’ve unintentionally fallen behind on. The long and skinny of the matter is that it’s still moving forward, albeit I’m now about two weeks behind. But that’s ultimately better than being a full month and some change behind like before when I was searching for free time around work to be able to read.

As shown above, I’ve completed three of the four books and hopefully plan to crush Chuck Waldron’s The CleanSweep Conspiracy by the end of this week. By that point I’ll only be two days behind and can start back keeping regular updates on the site. So for clarity sake, I’ll list my April and May reading choices along with the criteria they hit:

  • A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson (A memoir or journal)
  • The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (An award-winning book)Also, if you notice, I read it on my Amazon Fire tablet I bought. This is something I’ve been considering for awhile now.
  • The Religion War by Scott Adams (A non-fiction book)
  • The CleanSweep Conspiracy by Chuck Waldron (A self published book)

While I won’t give in-depth opinions on each book right now, I definitely plan on doing that in the future, especially for The Religion War. It’s the sequel to my favorite book and there’s definitely a lot to unpack. But for now, I’m going to enjoy the sunshine and my day off. More to come later this week.

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