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Building upon the foundation I established since my very first post on this blog, my goal has been to continue to escalate and elevate, challenging myself to do more towards reaching my aspirations. A few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to be featured online in a community spotlight piece for a local photography website that has been doing quality work for a number of years now. One that I’ve also been working with as a content and copy editor on the side.

I’ve been using the last year to continue to build confidence in my writing capabilities, covering a wide range of topics on this blog. The subject matter was sizable, spreading from simply providing light on my interests, to critiquing specific pieces of media, sharing portions of previously written work, my current attempts at writing my novel, and even completing a one year reading challenge. Needless to say, I’ve been busy. 100 plus blog posts in and I wanted to raise the bar again, hoping to increase awareness and get a bigger discussion going.

In steps the idea for the community piece. An excerpt is below:

BarrySpotlight (024 of 29).jpg

“…Countless hours of devouring book after book and writing my own stories as a child fueled a desire I never considered to be real until I got older. But when my college lacked a creative writing or journalism major, I simply put those aspirations to continue forward on the back burner in order to ensure I had a career to support myself once I graduated and moved out-of-state. But life has a funny way of forcing you to revisit old memories. Late last year I came to terms with that and began on the journey towards publication and becoming a writer…”

Please take the time to head on over to the FoKAS website (CLICK HERE) and read the entire thing. I’m very proud of it; and I hope that it helps to illuminate this idea of not waiting until the perfect moment to seize opportunity. We all wake up with the exact same amount of hours in a day to chase after that idea we’ve long kept secret in the back of our head, thinking that it was out of the question.

Day job to publication is the tagline for this blog and it hasn’t stopped. I am still balancing a very time demanding job along with a host of other real world responsibilities. But with time management it can be done; and some sleepless nights. Can’t forget those! Figure out what it is you want to do and chase after it. Life is too short.

Until next time.

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