The Retrospective Eclipse


Yesterday across the United States, a scientific phenomenon that hasn’t happened in close to 100 years occurred. Something that caused millions of people to temporarily translocate in order to see it.

I wasn’t alive during the last total eclipse (could you imagine me secretly being 100+ years old and still writing fluently?!). So although I failed to take the risk of looking directly at it while it was happening (didn’t have any verified glasses I could wear), I lived the experience through the hundreds of pictures I saw online on social media and the live stream provided by NASA.

One of my coworkers actually wanted me to go outside to see the eclipse even though I had no glasses…really??!

Science fiction is my favorite genre of media. So whether we’re talking about books, television shows, movies, or even video games that align themselves in that category, I love it all; and still very much want to contribute towards it. So when fiction and real world science collide it’s something quite amazing to me. H.P. Lovecraft, some of my favorite episodes from the Twilight ZoneMass Effect, and other fiction that depicts strange things from beyond the void of space will always serve as fascinating points to ponder on.

We have no way of answering the question of whether or not we’re the only beings in this universe. But anomalies like the solar eclipse and other celestial phenomena continue to fuel my interest in the unknown and paranormal; and I hope it does with you as well.

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Author: Mr. Nifty

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