Laying Down the 2018 Schedule

As I spoke on last year, I wanted to keep the passion going through the holidays and not lose steam as I moved into this new year. But the holiday season was as much about taking a break to enjoy my family and friends as it was about curling up with a good book; and due to being able to take extended time off of my job around that time (and not taking it for granted because others can’t), I had time to think on this blog and where I wanted to see it go this year.

We’re creeping up on being five months shy of two years doing this ‘semi-consistently’ and it dawned on me why I struggled with content to output at times:

You had no structure for scheduled content dummy.

I’ve always had ideas for when I wanted to post things but I never wrote it out to actually see if it made sense on paper. Never planned it out fully. So 2018 was about speaking into existence an organization of this platform that has slowly grown step-by-step. Positive affirmation on these things is important. As well as continuing to challenge myself in new creative ways.

  • Delivering scheduled posts on this blog on Mondays and Fridays. This gives me enough time in between to come up with ideas in between and not feel overwhelmed (like when I used to do it 3 days a week).
  • Following through with a new creative challenge for 2018. I’ll post more on that in a subsequent post later today.
  • My work on my novel continues! I hope to do bi-weekly or at minimum monthly updates on that effort.
  • Since my post on capturing the metrics on what I read on Goodreads, I’ve been supremely motivated to keep it going. Almost done with my first book of the year and plan on sharing that and my subsequent reading selection on here.

In lieu of over-promising and under delivering, I’ll stop it there. 2018 is going to be an amazing year and I thank those who take the time to read my ramblings.

Until next time.

*For those who want some extra content, I’ve also started a Tumblr account. It contains these posts as well as other cool writing tips and creative things I think are dope*

Author: Mr. Nifty

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