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[Attacking the Novel] Actually WRITING the Novel


The month of June is upon us! With that comes a lot of different meanings. But more on that in subsequent posts for the future. The big thing to focus on today is that I’ve reached the third and perhaps most pivotal of my self titled ‘Attacking the Novel’ blog series; and that is to actually write the dang thing.

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[Attacking the Novel] End of April Retrospective

People usually say that in hindsight, time went by so fast. THAT’S THE TRUTH! I can’t believe we’re already into the month of May. Half of 2017 is almost gone and with that, the realization of how much work is left to do if I want to stay on track for finishing at least the initial draft of my book this year. Between that, the Reading Challenge, and just general ‘adulting,’ I have my work cut out for me.

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Crunch Time for Writing Again

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As we creep closer to midnight, I’m just now getting a chance to really sit down and gather my thoughts from the very ‘trying’ day. Trying is perhaps an understatement of epic proportions but it wouldn’t be life without a curve ball thrown at you every inning or so. But now’s not the time for that. The time is for sharing another writing contest that I want to submit to.

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